Digital Transformation: AgroTerra Changes its Approach to Business

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AgroTerra continues to use advanced analytic tools to uphold a competitive edge in the market. The company is planning a qualitative leap in digital agriculture using the help of computer software SAS.
In 2018, AgroTerra completed an agrochemical study of all its fields. Having established an independent modern laboratory, specialists from AgroTerra took more than 10,000 soil samples and ran 40,000 plus tests. Using these results, they created detailed maps highlighting the agrochemical composition of the land, which helps to more precisely identify the macroelements needed for each field. The software program SAS is then able to calculate the optimal amount for each crop. Utilizing this information, company specialists already created an autumn fertilizer for this season’s harvest. By optimally nourishing the soil using the principle “every field according to its needs,” production stabilizes, economic effects from fertilizer implementation rise, and you get a more detailed prognosis of returns.
AgroTerra continues to experiment with advanced analytic tools in other manufacturing processes. Collectively, digital agriculture will help efficiently manage finances, lower costs, and raise profitability. The profit margin of investment will increase as a direct result.
“In our field, the price of production is determined without the company’s participation. In order to increase return, it is important to strategically distribute resources down the entire manufacturing chain”– notes Irina Bychkova, the chair of the Agricultural Council and financial director of AgroTerra –“Optimizing the nourishment of plants is one way to efficiently utilize every ruble invested. Such technology, however, is not possible without the use of advanced analytic tools, similar to the ones used in SAS. We believe that digital agriculture is the future. But we understand that we are only at the beginning of our journey.”
AgroTerra will evaluate financial performance stemming from the implementation of advanced analytic tools at the end of the season.

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