Mission and Values

Our mission. Stewardship of land

The words in our mission accurately convey AgroTerra’s reason for existence.

What is the LAND to us? On the one hand, it's arable land, on the other, it's the planet. To us, caring for the land means acting today for a better tomorrow. We are the people of AgroTerra everywhere we operate.

The words in our mission accurately convey AgroTerra’s reason for existence.Our mission means that every employee of AgroTerra invests his or her energy and knowledge in growing the group of companies. Our aim is to cultivate the land by applying the principles of sustainable agriculture, thereby ensuring the development of agriculture for the continuing well-being of Earth and its inhabitants.

Values. Displaying character

To follow our mission, we all have to have an internal core. These are our values. They make it clear who we are and what guides us in our work.

This is a strong foundation for relationships in our business.

We ensure strictly our results are achieved in compliance with Russian and international legislation.

We comply with all our agreements strictly, even if additional efforts are required.

We tell the truth, acknowledge our mistakes, and bring problems to the discussion.

This is the basis for coherence of objectives and actions in a productive atmosphere.

Each of us is a professional in what we do.

Our company employs people of different generations and views and we welcome a plurality of opinions.

We know how to work as a team and we constantly learn from each other.

This is a guarantee of our company's financial achievements and stability.

We are ready for challenges and ambitious goals.

In an uncertain environment, we are becoming stronger.

We are looking for a long-term result.

We are responsible for product quality and strive to anticipate customer expectations.

These are new opportunities for our employees, our customers and society as a whole.

We learn from our own failures and mistakes and they help us to improve.

We are constantly improving our processes using modern technologies and approaches to doing business.

We are ready to introduce improvements into our work, which will make cooperation with our company even more effective and profitable.

We look at familiar and routine things from a new perspective.

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