The Governor of the Kursk region visited AgroTerra's production site


On May 11, Roman Starovoit, Governor of the Kursk region, visited Kamyshi, production site of AgroTerra.  During the visit, the head of the region toured the seed lines for the production of wheat and soybean seeds, visited the laboratories of the Technology Development Center, Breeding and Seed Production Center, and discussed the projects of the company in the Kursk region.

"We work in seven regions of the Central Black Earth Economic Region, but it is here, in Kursk, that we concentrate our business development priorities and strategic projects," said Valery Redkin, Director of the Technology Development Center, at the beginning of the meeting.

Valery talked about how the company builds the seed and hybrid production chain: from breeding and testing new varieties to selling them to customers and agricultural producers, and showed automated seed lines for the production of wheat and soybean seeds.

"We began developing seed production when we were faced with low-quality seeds, and initially the company's goal was to provide our own farms with wheat and soybean seeds. When we built up the entire production process and established a quality system, we began to offer seeds to our neighboring farmers," said Nina Mironova, Director of Development.

In addition to soybean and wheat seeds, AgroTerra produces corn and sunflower hybrid seeds on irrigated fields. The company's irrigation systems are also located in Kursk region - in the territory of Solntsevo and Gorshechensky districts. AgroTerra's irrigation system now covers more than 3,600 ha after starting with 350 ha in 2021. By 2023, the company had extended its irrigated area by more than ten times and now plans to further scale up the project.

During the tour, the Governor of the Kursk region was shown the Selection and Seed Production Center, where AgroTerra has seed quality control laboratories. The agrochemical laboratory, where specialists study soil parameters, is also located here. Roman Starovoit also inspected the greenhouse, where the company started a long-term testing program for soybeans.

During the meeting the head of the region discussed the implementation of further projects of the company in the field of seed production with the AgroTerra company management, including the creation and production of seeds and hybrids adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of the Central Black Earth Economic Region.

"The development of the agro-industrial complex is currently one of the priorities in the Kursk region. We are very happy that AgroTerra chose our land for its development. A modern seed system serves as the most important factor in increasing crop yields. We understand that it takes a lot of time to get quality seeds through breeding. So we are ready to provide comprehensive support, including in terms of engineering infrastructure," said Roman Starovoit.

"We greately appreciate the continued support from the regional leadership and the Agro-Industrial Complex Committee.  This year we launched our own Breeding and Seed Production Center, and began designing a seed plant for the production of corn and sunflower hybrids – this is indeed a long-term investment, but realizing the importance of food security, we will continue to develop seed production," said Valery Redkin.

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