AgroTerra Signed Agreement with Union of Organic Farming

AgroTerra Signed Agreement with Union of Organic Farming.png

AgroTerra became the first federal agricultural holding to enter the Union of Organic Farming. Both parties signed the agreement at the exhibition, “Indian Summer.” After extensive organic testing, AgroTerra is beginning commercial production. The Union plans to replicate AgroTerra’s expertise to fulfill market demand for organic products.
The organic market is amongst the quickest evolving in the world. According to ratings from the Ministry of Agriculture, Russia will be able to occupy 15% of market production. Potential also exists inside of the country: despite 58% of Russians (based on statistics from Romir holding) demanding organic products, 90% of such organic goods are imported. In 2018, the State Duma passed a law “about organic production”– however, its production takes at least 3 years, along with gradual preparation of the land.
AgroTerra started preparation earlier and is one of the first to start commercial production. Its Center of Research and Innovation tested 26 seed varieties from nine crops-including millet, soybeans, wheat, and barley-in two organic farms. Technology for optimal cultivation was developed based on these experiments. Test results indicate that it is twice as profitable to grow organic crops.
“After receiving certification, which is planned in 2019, we will increase the production volume of organic products for domestic producers and for export. With our products, producers of meat and milk will have a potential growth margin of upwards 150%. In a few years, we forecast a peak in consumer activity in this sector–the momentum is already apparent,” explains innovation director of the AgroTerra Group of Companies and Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture, Stanislav Shishov.
“AgroTerra is an example of a company that understands the value of synergy for market growth. By having a strong production base, the company is expanding organic growth faster than others; however, at the same time it is open to unifying forces in crop production and vertical integration. Considering that launching an organic farm takes at minimum three years, this is important, because combined efforts can substantially quicken the process. AgroTerra’s expertise and the Union’s experience will aid in developing organic agriculture in our country and stimulating the market, which, in the end, will be profitable to all agroindustrial sector participants,” announced the Union of Organic Farming’s chairman of the board, Sergei Korshunov.

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