AgroTerra Finishes Harvesting Campaign with Records

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AgroTerra Group of Companies completed harvesting main crops this season early with outstanding quality indicators. Winter wheat was quickly gathered thanks to a three-tiered harvesting process. Dry weather conditions decreased the time it took to collect soy and helped to transport a large harvest of beets to the sugar mill without any rush. The crops also contained higher-than-average sugar content than the rest of the country.
This season, AgroTerra farms successfully implemented three-tiered harvesting: when a bunker-reloader is attached to the combine and truck. This method reduces the loss of working time attributed to combines by 30% and cuts harvesting costs by 15-20%. Owing to this, winter wheat was harvested in a record of 7 days throughout AgroTerra’s 30 farms spanning 7 oblasts.
Lack of rainfall decreased the time it took for soy to dry which, consequently, resulted in it being delivered to customers in record time. The company’s beet-sugar season wrapped up with mean sugar content indexes of 18.75%.
“Thanks to the high sugar content of our beets, we continually received awards from manufacturers. The mean sugar output in the country was 14.82%; on the farms of AgroTerra in Penza and Lipetsk Oblasts, however, it reached 19.5%. Besides exceeding the mean in Russia, it was, on average, 2% higher than the minimum level required in our contracts,” tells Thomas Dorenwendt, director of farming operation of the AgroTerra Group of Companies.
“On our organic farms we achieved excellent results in soy. For example, the protein content in our beans reached 34.2%. Our production rate reached 16.8 centners/ha –– and that is without applying chemicals and mineral fertilizer for plant protection. According to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, the mean yield of soy in Russia in mid November was 15.3 centners/ha. Therefore, you can say that our organic soy is more fertile than that which is fed and protected with chemicals. Additionally, we succeeded in sowing clean wheat with no herbicides,” explains Stanislav Shishov, AgroTerra’s innovation director.
This year, AgroTerra joined the Union of Organic Agriculture in Russia and became a member of Donau Soja Organization, which gives certification to soy companies that guarantee the use of no GMOs. AgroTerra will continue to holds its course using high-quality and ecologically-safe products.

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