Projects to streamline AgroTerra’s operations win the WOW!HR business award

Projects to streamline AgroTerra’s operations win the WOW!HR business award

The Russian crop producing Group of Companies AgroTerra wins two WOW!HR business awards.

The company's projects were noted among 26 that were submitted in the field of communications, personnel management, the organization of business processes and corporate culture. The best contenders were determined by voting. The awards ceremony was held at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEaPS).

The AgroTerra project, called “Spaghetti Diagram,” placed first in the Workplace category, which was devoted to the impact of the design and functional outfitting of offices for work and business processes. Its essence lies in the rational distribution of employees using lean production tools (see details via the link). Projects submitted by Unilever, Mils Solutions and Action were also contenders in this category.

AgroTerra's pilot project on the creation of video instructions for operating agricultural machinery won in the Action category, which called for solving business problems using video materials (see details via the link). PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), T PLUS and the Russian Light Association were also contenders in this category.

In addition, two more AgroTerra projects secured victory: the "«Staff Exercises»” business game and the «5C» method to improve workplace safety.

“AgroTerra strives to transform farming into efficient agricultural production. The winning projects tell the story of the tools that help our team pull together and improve their work every day,” says Andrey Chernukha, Director of the AgroTerra Personnel and Organizational Development Group. “So, we not only allocate funds for maintenance in the office, we also make special arrangements to increase the speed and quality of the document workflow, because the availability of people in the fields depends on this. We're not only implementing work standards, we also develop training and create video lectures to make it easier for our staff to assimilate the material. We not only adapt the organizational structure to the business tasks, we use a game to simulate interactions in it to make even better adjustments to the processes. We not only care about working conditions, we also use lean production tools to always maintain cleanliness and safety in the workplace. Each project AgroTerra launches is aimed at resolving issues related to improving our team’s performance. The professional community has taken note of this approach."


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