AgroTerra wins a prize for a game simulating the agricultural cycle

AgroTerra wins a prize for a game simulating the agricultural cycle

AgroTerra wins HeadHunter's HR Brand Award. The jury awarded the Staff Exercises project bronze in the Region category, singling it out from among 11 finalists.

Staff Exercises (video) is a strategic game developed specifically for AgroTerra, and is the first of its kind in Russia’s agricultural industry. The business simulator completely reproduces the company’s production cycle: from sowing seeds to selling the harvested crop to the final customer. Three hundred employees from AgroTerra's seven regions meet twice a year to simulate the upcoming production tasks involving managing processes, equipment and resources with the help of the game. In just two years, Staff Exercises allowed AgroTerra to improve its financial results by increasing production efficiency and reducing losses. The game has become a powerful tool in developing the corporate culture of continuous improvement.

"Although crop production remains a risky business, the result of which is strongly influenced by climatic factors, AgroTerra is confident that a scientific approach will increase operational efficiency. The company is working to turn the fields into ‘workshops’ under the open sky – to build concise technological processes. All risk situations, including those involving weather factors, are modeled in advance. In order to generate the planned harvest, the company's employees must work synchronously in conditions of uncertainty and quickly make informed decisions based on analytics that are centralized in the company with the help of satellite and digital systems,” says Andrey Chernukha, AgroTerra's Director of Personnel and Organizational Development, speaking about the prerequisites for creating the business game.

"Today, most members of the HR community agree that the HR Brand Award is the most significant and authoritative award for specialists in the field of personnel management. AgroTerra’s project, which came in third this year in the Region category, clearly speaks to key business needs. The application of business simulation technologies has made it possible to unite employees from different regions and divisions in adopting key strategic decisions. This has led to the improvement of a number of economic indicators and allowed the project to reach the finals,” says Nina Osovitskaya, HR Brand Award consultant.

In total, 90 companies received awards at the 10th anniversary of the HR Brand Award. The award, which is known as the Oscar for HR staff members, was presented to AgroTerra representatives on stage at the Moscow International House of Music in Moscow. This is the second of AgroTerra's victories in the HR Brand Award. In 2014, a corporate project called Forecast Award came in third in the Region category.

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The HR Brand Award is an independent annual award for the most successful work involving a company's reputation as an employer. 2016 marks the 10th time the award was presented. The HR Brand Award is judged in two stages. First, an expert council determines the finalists, and then the jury selects the winners in each category. This year, Anatoly Karachinsky, President of IBS, is the Chairman of the Prize Jury.


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