AgroTerra is the recipient of the prestigious HR Brand Award awarded by HeadHunter. This is the 11th time the award has been conferred on a recipient. The jury elected to award AgroTerra this year because of its creation of a new profession in agribusiness, namely the agroscout. AgroTerra was awarded gold prizes in the main category, Region, and in a special category created by Gazprom Neft: New Approaches.

The company created the new agroscout position to better forecast production – to generate harvests of a predictable quality and volume regardless of natural factors. Before its introduction, the new position underwent two years of testing. Today, agroscouting is a full-fledged division of AgroTerra.

Agroscouts use standards and job descriptions developed by the company, as well as the latest IT programs and devices, to analyze crop development at all stages and inform the production unit of deviations as soon as they arise.

Every day, agroscouts investigate the cultivated acreage in all seven of AgroTerra’s regions. Each agroscout is tasked with about 10,000 hectares. In 2016, the new specialists conducted 26,000 audits, developed 3,000 recommendations with corrective actions, and helped the company increase its yield by 15 percent.

"Out of 51 projects, we chose the best. The discussion among the 10 members of the jury was very heated, but was conducted professionally with a deep understanding of the material. In my opinion, only three projects submitted something that was really new. And I called this the trend of creating new professions. It extracts what really matters from the old professions, creating a brand for these professions, and even in the future, new curricula that will make it possible to move forward,” said Gor Nakhapetyan, adviser to the rector of the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management, speaking at the opening of the award ceremony.

"To improve efficiency, we need high-quality analytics. We’re not waiting for someone to propose a solution and modernize the profession of an agronomist, which came into its own half a century ago. Continuous improvement is part of our cultural code. Therefore, we created agroscouting. On average, we receive 16 CVs for every vacancy. In particular, AgroTerra is working with agrarian departments at the universities to develop this new field of study,” says Andrey Chernukha, Director of the AgroTerra Personnel and Organizational Development Group.

The award, which is known as the Oscar for HR staff members, was presented to AgroTerra representatives on the stage of the Moscow International House of Music in Moscow. This is the third AgroTerra project to be honored in the competition, but the first to receive the first prize. Last year, AgroTerra received a bronze award for the Staff Exercises simulating the agricultural cycle. In 2013, the company received a third-place award for its Forecast Exchange project.

About AgroTerra

AgroTerra is one of Russia’s leading crop producers. It specializes in growing, storing and selling agricultural crops. AgroTerra cultivates farmland in the Kursk, Lipetsk, Tambov, Tula, Orel, Penza and Ryazan Regions. The crops are wheat, soybean, rapeseed, sugar beet, corn. The crop yield is stored in 18 bases and elevators with a total capacity of over 500,000 tons. AgroTerra employs 2,000 people.

The company builds its work around a principle idea, namely to transform agriculture from an intuition-based operation to technologically sophisticated production. This means not only a change in technology, but also focusing on the image of the industry to attract qualified professionals capable of transforming the industry. AgroTerra is one of the most active agricultural companies when it comes to building the HR brand. In 2016, AgroTerra entered the top 30 Russian employers and became the only agricultural enterprise to attain this level.

The HR Brand Award is an independent annual award for the most successful work involving the company's reputation as an employer. The HR Brand Award is judged in two stages. First, the expert council determines the finalists, and then the jury selects the winners in each category. In 2016, there were five major and four special categories.

The jury this year included: Gor Nakhapetyan, Adviser to the Rector, SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management; Valeria Dvortseva, Managing Partner, VISA Consult Recruitment Agency; Yury Yefrosinin, Director, Kelly OCG; Mikhail Zhukov, CEO, HeadHunter; Igor Kirikchi, Managing Director, BBDO Group; Natalia Matusova, Managing Partner, Addwise; Karina Ogandzhanyan, Vice President, TWIGA Communication Group; Victoria Petrova, Chair, Expert Council and CEO, LyuidiPeople Consulting Company; Mark Rozin, Managing Partner, ECOPSY Consulting; Marina Tarnopolskaya, Managing Partner, Agency Contact Headhunting Agency; Tatyana Khvatinina, Director for Strategic Development, CEB's SHL Talent Measurements Solutions; Raisa Polyakova, Commercial Director, YUM! Restaurants International.


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