We produce high quality grain and oilseeds products. We grow soybeans, wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, rape.

We are one of the leaders in crop production efficiency in Russia. How did we achieve this?

1. We have all standardized crop and seed production facilities:
they perform all operations according to the technological instructions developed in the company.

Technological instructions for all processes are updated annually. Training according to these instructions is developed at our corporate academy, and all employees of the farms and elevators receive this training.

2. We work with modern highly efficient equipment manufactured: by John Deere, Claas, Amazone, New Holland, Case, Amity, etc.

Improved fuel consumption control system has been implemented in all our farms.

3. We use elements of precision farming and implement digitalization:

• We have introduced the technology for optimizing plant nutrition in our fields with the help of SAS in-depth analysis tools. The project enables raising yields to highest levels available in the company, increase the economic effect of fertilizer application and allow for more accurate profit forecasting;

• We conducted an agrochemical survey and digitization of our fields: we took more than 10,000 soil samples and made more than 40,000 analyses. The result is a detailed map of the agrochemical composition of our lands.

4. We use automated systems to collect and analyses data from the fields:

• We use yield mapping for a more accurate analysis of the work carried out in each field;

• We apply fertilizers in a differentiated way, which reduces the cost of preparations and minimizes their impact on the soil.

5. We optimize routine processes:

• We carry out a three-section harvesting, due to which working time losses for harvesters are reduced and the cost of the process is reduced;

• We transfer all planning and agricultural support processes to a ‘Commander's Tablet’. This makes it possible to control the implementation of technologies and make prompt management decisions.

6. We test and select the best technologies on our own experimental fields:

• We conduct a deep study of varieties in order to sow the varieties having maximum yield in a particular region;

• We lay out plots for various experiments: for example, in 2019 there were more than 1,200 plots that is 1.8 times more than in 2018. The number of variants of production experiments was more than 120 in 2019.

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