Humankind faces two increasing demands in terms of nutrition; namely, we need enough food, and we need quality food. In caring for the land, AgroTerra focuses on the efficiency of crop production, and on production quality. To this end, we are working towards the evolution of crop production, combining science, advanced technologies and the principles of sustainable farming. The company is a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform.

Development Strategy


  • Wheat
  • Soybean
  • Sugar beet
  • Sunflower
  • Rapeseed

Our own research center, featuring experimental fields and laboratories, automated systems for collecting and analyzing field data and equipment at all stages of work, multilevel methods for programming product quality, and sophisticated standardization. All this allows us to produce grain and oilseed products of a predetermined specification. At the same time, the company's yields have increased by up to 20 percent in the past five years.

The AgroTerra Group of Companies is one of the top five soybean producers in Central Russia. The company's soybeans have a high protein content of approximately 34 percent. Tests in 2016 were conducted in compliance with international standard ISO 20483: 2013. Export certification was carried out by SGA, an independent international laboratory.