Digital transformation continues at AgroTerra


Roman Petrov, IT Director of AgroTerra, spoke about digital projects of the company at the 4th Federal IT Forum of the Russian Agro-Industrial Complex, "SmartAgro: Digital Transformation in Agriculture," organized by ComNews Information Group. The forum took place on 27th October in Moscow, attended by 50 speakers. They discussed key IT issues in the agricultural industry of the Russian Federation.

Roman Petrov participated in the plenary discussion "Digital self-sufficiency in AIC: from words to action." He said that AgroTerra continued its digital projects, meaning software, infrastructure, and data processing.

“We are developing our analytical models, automating field data collection, and initiating pilot projects to ensure smooth data transfer,” commented Roman Petrov.

AgroTerra, for example, is testing mobile weather stations in several regions to ensure compliance with crop protection technology. Mobile weather stations are used to track weather changes and send data to an agronomist. The agronomist decides whether to reprocess the plants or to register a deviation from the technology based on the information received. In either case, the data is sent to DWH and analyzed as part of an after-season multifactor performance analysis.

Roman Petrov also discussed AgroTerra's development of a highly automated infrastructure: "We continue to develop our project of producing corn and sunflower hybrid seeds on our irrigation fields. The irrigation system is highly automated and controlled remotely. The system reads the application to turn on the sprinklers and calculates which pumps should be activated, in what order, at what intervals, and with what outlet capacity. A field moisture balance model is used to plan and manage watering. It is based on the information obtained from meteorological stations and moisture sensors. We made it ourselves."

According to Roman Petrov, one of AgroTerra's fundamental principles in digitalization is the gradual scaling up of proven technology. This approach helps to advance to more efficient crop production with a modern agricultural production system and big data at its core. 

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