Managing Director of AgroTerra’ is among 1000 best managers of Russia


The main principle of rating formation is ‘the best choose the best’. The experts are all finalists of the award for the past years and current members of the Managers Association – totally more than 150 participants. They evaluate their colleagues within their functional area. This principle makes it possible to obtain the most objective assessment of the professional reputation of candidates.

To become a leader in the modern world, it is not enough to have an excellent education and be able to organize people. The best of the best are managers, whose professionalism helps companies and teams keep up with the times. Real business leaders are capable of taking a variety of challenges and difficult decisions, improving the efficiency of business processes, creating and implementing the most successful development strategies.

Patrick Ghidirim was included in the category ‘Agriculture’. It also included representatives of Rusagro, Cherkizovo, RZ Agro and the Step and Promagro agricultural holdings.

* The Top 1000 Russian Managers Ranking has been held annually since 2001 and is a recognized and effective tool for assessing the professional reputation of Russian top managers. The rating summarizes the results of the work for the year and identifies the most effective managers of Russia, which are leaders in their industries and functional areas, according to representatives of their professional communities.

* The Managers Association is one of the leading business associations in Russia aimed at the professional development of the management community, the transition to socially responsible business standards, and integration into the global economy. Over the years, the association has established itself as an independent expert platform for developing a consolidated position of business on the most acute social and professional challenges facing the management of large Russian enterprises, society, and government.

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