AgroTerra Elevators are Added in the Register of Soybean Exporters to China

29.04.2021 16:14:00

The Gorshechny and Sudzha AgroTerra elevators have been added to the register of soybean exporters to China. The two complexes are located in Kursk and have a total capacity of 150 thousand tons, providing storage for both AgroTerra and third-party products. The elevators’ mechanical and logistic infrastructure allow for product shipment to any location within Russia and abroad.

China’s border expansion of its imports of crops supplied from Russia has covered AgroTerra operation sectors in a soybean export zone. Before China’s soybean export zone expansion, crops were primarily shipped from several Far East regions. Now, AgroTerra can both directly export soybeans to customers in China and assist with the shipment of third-party soybeans to China.

China is one of the largest global importers of agricultural products; however, it is not easy to receive admission to the country’s market. AgroTerra’s elevators meet all requirements of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with an end-to-end quality control system that ensures the complete traceability of production and storage. The elevators are continuously monitored, ensuring product quality and safety.

“A special requirement for soybean exports to China is the absence of weeds, which are subject to quarantine in the PRC, whereas in Russia they are merely viewed as weeds. To exclude this risk, AgroTerra’s specialists will strengthen phytosanitary control at crop delivery to our elevators to exclude this risk. In addition, each shipment of exported products will be supplemented with a phytosanitary certificate,” states Tatiana Abrosimova, AgroTerra’s Quality Director.

AgroTerra has 19 grain storage facilities and elevators providing a total capacity of more than 500 thousand tons. Together with several off-site AgroTerra divisions, these facilities provide services for importing, processing, drying, shipping, and standards compliance. In managing AgroTerra’s many facilities, AgroTerra specialists have developed programs for the efficient confirmation of quality indicators for crops. Elevator laboratories are equipped with Infratec express analyzers, which collect samples from stored crops and gauge their quality against AgroTerra standards. In 2021, to further improve quality assessment systems, on-site laboratories will be equipped with refractometers to verify the quality of high oleic crops.

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