Research and Innovation Centre

In 2015, AgroTerra established its own Research and Innovation Centre based on the Agrotechnology Department. Doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences and postgraduate students, carry out research at the Centre. The Centre includes agrochemical and seed laboratories and a network of laboratory points at the Group's elevators.

The Centre's specialists test crop production technologies as well as varieties of the company's main crops: soybeans, beet, winter and spring wheat, corn, and sunflower. The Centre's tasks also include consulting support for the company's crop growers.

The Centre occupies over 600 hectares of experimental fields. For comparison, it is three times the size of the Principality of Monaco.

One of the Centre's areas of activity is the zoning of varieties. This method makes it possible to achieve better yields for each crop in regions with different climates.

AgroTerra shares results of its work at the events named Field Day, which are held in the Kursk region. The last of these took place in 2019 and gathered more than 250 guests, who were pleased to visit the experimental fields of the Centre for Research and Innovation.

The technologies that prove their effectiveness during tests are replicated in all fields of the company. Of progressive farming methods, AgroTerra already uses electronic maps, agrochemical field survey, machinery monitoring, yield mapping systems, and differential fertilizer application. These practices make it possible to reduce production costs and improve key yield indicators.

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