AgroTerra Integrator, central Russia’s center for agribusiness development, offers a full range of services for mid-sized and small crop producers:

  • Financing
  • Crop sales
  • Land transactions

Integrator’s expertise is based on the AgroTerra Group of Companies’ decade of experience.

In 2017, 70 representatives of agribusiness benefited from AgroTerra Integrator’s services. In total, they’re cultivating 120,000 hectares of land.

By 2022, about 800 producers in the Central Chernozem region with a total area of 1 million hectares of cultivated lands will benefit from our services. The Center will spend about 10 billion rubles on developing agribusiness.

Customer Testimonials:

Alexander Melentiev
Head farmer on a farm in the Shchigrovsky district, Kursk Region

«The main thing in my life is family and land. Just like with your family, you have to earn the right to call yourself the ‘head’ through lots of toil and trouble. Twenty-eight years ago, when I first opened my agribusiness, I used hoes and shovels, working my fingers to the bone. Thanks to mechanization, my returns have increased tenfold. That’s what I call progress! What AgroTerra Integrator does is like the next stage of agricultural development and gives me access to resources: finance, standards, experts, infrastructure. Everything I need. I am still my own boss, but now I’ve got the powerful support of AgroTerra Integrator. It's convenient: my harvest will grow next to the company's elevator and will definitely be of the right quality.»

Sergey Tsyrin
Head farmer on a farm in Chertkovo, Penza Region

«What AgroTerra does to support crop farmers inspires respect. For us, the company has been a real helping hand. In addition to comfortable financing terms, they've provided us with assistance in all production matters. AgroTerra Integrator experts have helped us with agronomy. I am sure that the partnership that AgroTerra is building in agribusiness will ensure the success and forward movement of farmers, the company itself and the industry as a whole.»

Anatoly Donskikh
Director of LLC Donskikh, Lipetsk Region

«I’ve been working on the land for almost 30 years. I grow soy, sunflower, corn and wheat. All my life, I’ve worked in the Lipetsk Region, and this year I managed to expand production and open a branch in the Tula Region, where AgroTerra Integrator gave me land for soybean crops, financing and a sales contract for the crop. Small producers need this kind of support.»

Alexander Poltinin
Head farmer on a farm in Pchelka, Tambov Region

«It's nice working with people who understand the inside story, so to speak, of the issues faced by the farmer, and can offer the right solution. We wait for months to get loans approved by the bank and can’t always get financing when we need it. At AgroTerra Integrator, we were able to find not only a reliable financial partner for our business, but also another sales outlet for our products. Thank you for your prompt decision-making and for understanding our problems.»

Alexander Kulikov
Director of LLC Derways, Tula Region

«We decided to increase our acreage and rent the land next to our massif. We needed to do this to cut logistics costs. We talked to our neighbor, AgroTerra, about leasing the field. We made a deal and are already carrying out production work.»