AgroTerra's reputation is based on four values: we are honest and decent, we are one team, we want to achieve good results, and we are constantly improving. We have been living and developing the company in accordance with these values for 10 years. In recent years, we have been adding more detail to these values through our standards and rules. First of all, we formulated principles of working for the team in our Code of Business Conduct..

If the conduct of each member of our 2,000-person team meets high ethical standards, AgroTerra will be able to proudly bear its status as a leader in terms of operational efficiency and a responsible approach to the agricultural sector in Russia. In order to keep things running smoothly, there has to be an instrument to protect our principles. That's why we created a Trust line for the AgroTerra Group of Companies. It offers a channel for direct feedback, the operation of which is personally overseen by the company's top executives on the Ethics Committee.

We respect everyone's right to report violations of AgroTerra's Code of Business Conduct and principles on a confidential basis. The Ethics Committee and an external expert who ensures the operational capacity of the Trust line safeguard the rights of those making reports. At the same time, legal measures will be taken against individuals who knowingly provide false information.

We suggest that all employees, clients, contractors and everyone who lives and works alongside us learn about AgroTerra's work principles. This will provide an idea of what the people in the company believe in, how our team behaves in different situations and what we think is right.

  • When should I contact the Trust line?

    Contact the Trust line if you notice any of the following:

    • fraud, theft or misuse of AgroTerra property
    • bribery or corruption
    • accounting or financial improprieties
    • the creation of threats to health and safety in the workplace
    • abuse of drugs or alcohol in the workplace
    • other violations of the Code of Business Conduct, AgroTerra's internal standards or the laws of the Russian Federation

  • Who receives reports about problems?

    All reports received by means of any of the Trust line's channels of communication are processed by professionals from CSI Group LLC. This independent company operates the Trust line so that you can be assured of confidentiality.

  • What should you do in the event that you are not sure that a violation has taken place?
    A professional from AgroTerra's Trust line will consult with you and help you formulate your report as accurately and clearly as possible. Even if a violation has not occurred, your report may help the company identify work-related problems and resolve them in a timely manner.
  • What happens after a problem is reported?
    After your report is received and verified, the information is submitted to the AgroTerra Group of Companies' Ethics Committee. This consists of the five directors on the Management Committee. The Committee assesses the substance of the report, the severity of any violation of the company's internal rules and/or laws of the Russian Federation and decides who will conduct the investigation. Internal investigations are conducted by department heads from the company's central office and, if necessary, also involving local management. In any internal investigation, your confidentiality will be maintained in accordance within the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. If a crime is discovered during an internal investigation, the relevant information will be handed over to law-enforcement agencies.
  • How can I find out the results of the investigation?
    A representative of the Ethics Committee will contact you with the results of the investigation either at the address your provided or by telephone at the number you provided when submitting your report.