Agribusiness is experiencing a rebirth. We adapt the best practices from high-tech fields: space, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, robotics, and more. To roll with the times, we need leaders, and AgroTerra works to produce them:

People who are transforming intuition-base agriculture into high-tech, predictable sustainable farming.

People who implement the traceability of processes «from field to shelf».

People who discover the best techniques for growing and processing crops.

People who serve as operators of unmanned combines.

In fact, our progress is so rapid that our six steps toward the future are more like leaps and bounds.

  • Putting together a team

    If an AgroTerra leader isn’t already working for us, then he is a top student at an educational institution or completing an important project. He is the person with our values, who see caring for the land as a mission.

    To become an agribusiness leader, one must:

    • Study the Code of Business Conduct for Employees of the AgroTerra Group of Companies;
    • Send a CV to or apply for the Step Forward scholarship program;
    • Communicate with future management, making a point of meeting future colleagues and learning about their future workplace;
    • Pass testing on competencies or take part in the Staff Exercises qualifying games;
    • Become part of the team at AgroTerra.
  • Preparation and training

    Employees from all of AgroTerra’s regions study at the AgroTerra Academy. The corporate training center has opened two departments: Functional Learning and Leadership Development.

    The following are new tools used by the AgroTerra Academy:

    • Analysis of production standards;
    • Distance learning courses;
    • The development of internal trainers;
    • Forums – coaching groups;
    • Staff Training – a business game that simulates the agricultural cycle.
  • Proactive involvement and motivation

    The level of involvement of AgroTerra employees is 70 percent, according to a study by Ecopsy Consulting. This indicator has been increasing every year because there is a consensus within the company to carry out a mandatory program for all departments to increase involvement. The important element is recognizing the contribution of employees and providing a fair assessment of the results.

  • Perfection through evaluation

    Leaders lead the way. To be the first in your business, you need to love perfecting things. At AgroTerra, employees receive feedback on how their work affects the team's overall performance, and they can identify areas for development. Not only are final achievements measured, but so is the way in which they were achieved:

    • Research into motivation – employees say whether they possess the knowledge, resources and desire to carry out the job in the best-possible way;
    • GAVG (Growth assessment /value /grade) evaluation is based on the fulfillment of the employee's agenda;
    • 360 evaluations, the extent to which the employee’s conduct was consistent with corporate values and the company’s competencies;
    • Knowledge evaluations involve professional testing of the employee’s knowledge of standards and technological instructions.

    Evaluations impact the professional and career growth of employees and their role in the company's total profits.

  • Prognosis and forecasting

    AgroTerra is developing a system for forecasting the performance of employees and the development of the organizational structure. The goal is to create conditions for achieving the company’s strategic goals, and quick and productive responses to challenges and opportunities.

  • Promotions

    Once a year, AgroTerra goes through a Horizon review of professional and career prospects. The company determines candidates for the talent pipeline, and employees receive feedback on whether they are ready to move forward.

    The review is based on the results of an evaluation of the employee's GAVG (Growth assessment /value /grade) performance and an evaluation of competencies using the 360-degree feedback process.

    Last year, about 100 employees were promoted through Horizon. Here are some of them:

    From trainee to chief engineer

    Sergey Ladygin

    While a student at university, he went through training and interned with the company's plant management. He proved to be a responsible and enterprising employee. After graduating, he moved up the ladder to become the chief engineer of the farm in Zemetchino, Penza Region.

    From specialist to function head

    Konstantin Khaidukov

    After graduating, he started as a specialist in agrochemical research. During the year, he displayed a high level of knowledge and practical skills. Since 2016, he has been the head of agrochemical research at the new testing center in Kursk.

    From function head to director

    Natalia Shakhanskaya

    Since 2013, she had been overseeing the quality function at the company's elevator unit. In March 2017, Natalia was tapped for the post of quality director for the entire AgroTerra Group of Companies.