Since December 22, AgroTerra has been honoring its best employees. Awards were given to those who made a special contribution to the development and implementation of projects that will help the company implement its strategy in the long term. There were 17 winners this year, including 16 employees from the regions where AgroTerra operates and a team from one of its divisions.

The process of selecting the best AgroTerra employees was approached in a well-rounded and objective manner. The winners were chosen by the heads of business functions, personnel representatives and members of the managing committee. At the same time, several indicators were taken into account: work results, special achievements, GROWTH evaluations, the opinions of immediate co-workers and, of course, how the employees comply with the company's principles and share its values. The award system at AgroTerra is improved every year so as to celebrate outstanding successes and major achievements. This year, there were five categories: four individual and one team.

You can see the employees receiving their awards in this video: