The IronFarmer team competed in Moscow’s biggest annual sporting event, the Moscow Marathon, with six competitors running a distance of 42.2 km. Andrey Akinshin and Lydia Ovchinnikova ran the 10 km race, improving their time over the previous year. The general director of SCHT, which is an AgoTerra partner, ran the marathon under the IronFarmer flag.

Sports and work are inextricably linked. Sports shapes your character and also teaches you to set goals and continuously improve yourself so as to achieve them. And, of course, sports teach you teamwork. AgroTerra’s plan now is that, in 2018, not only AgroTerra’s Moscow-based people but competitors from all AgroTerra regions will participate in the Moscow Marathon.

In the video, IronFarmer team members share their thoughts about the marathon. You can see the video on AgroTerra’s official pages on social networking sites VKontakte, Classmates and Facebook.