Our mission. Stewardship of land

The words in our mission accurately convey AgroTerra’s reason for existence.

What is the LAND to us? On the one hand, it's arable land, on the other, it's the planet. To us, caring for the land means acting today for a better tomorrow. We are the people of AgroTerra everywhere we operate.

The words in our mission accurately convey AgroTerra’s reason for existence.Our mission means that every employee of AgroTerra invests his or her energy and knowledge in growing the group of companies. Our aim is to cultivate the land by applying the principles of sustainable agriculture, thereby ensuring the development of agriculture for the continuing well-being of Earth and its inhabitants.

Values. Displaying character

To follow our mission, we all have to have an internal core. These are our values. They make it clear who we are and what guides us in our work

  • We are honest and trustworthy

    This is the bedrock of interactions in our operations.

    • We are extremely vigilant in ensuring that our results are achieved in compliance with Russian and international law, including anti-corruption legislation, as well as the Code of Business Conduct for Employees of AgroTerra GC.
    • Our words are supported by our actions. We firmly abide by all agreements with colleagues, partners, customers and other interested parties, even if this requires additional efforts.
    • We bear in mind the impact of our conduct on the workplace and beyond on the reputation and image of AgroTerra GC, and we take responsibility for upholding these at a high level. We respect the name and values of the company, guarantee the quality of products and services, and the reliability of the information we provide.
    • We speak the truth and raise our concerns for discussion. We find and recognize mistakes, and do everything to ensure our team can discuss them, quickly fix them and prevent them in the future.
  • We are a team

    This is the basis for bringing our goals and actions together in a productive atmosphere.

    • In our business, there is no room for individual results; thus, well-coordinated interactions are important. The criterion of professionalism is the ability to show initiative and defend one's opinion, along with the ability to work as part of a team and value the contribution of colleagues to the overall result.
    • The people our company employs hail from different generations and hold different views. At the same time, the personal values of team members and the values of AgroTerra GC are always closely synced. The people really believe in what they do.
    • The bonds of trust we build are so strong that in a working situation, the members of a team could without hesitation “jump with a parachute packed by a colleague without rechecking it.”
    • We adhere to an effective bureaucracy: we retain only the most necessary links in the decision-making change, we accept the need for paper documents, but we try to take maximum advantage of other options in our interpersonal communications, teamwork and electronic correspondence.
  • We work towards results

    This is what guarantees the company’s financial achievements and stab

    • We understand the value that our work brings to the company. This is the value by which our work is measured.
    • An increase in the efficiency of the business is aimed at generating profits, as well as improving the welfare of our clients, employees and the residents of the regions where the AgroTerra Group of Companies operates.
    • How our career and professional evolution develops depends on both the company’s requirements and our involvement in the work. To achieve the best results, we display initiative and creativity.
    • The company provides us with all of the resources and decision-making powers we require. We employ them wisely and effectively to achieve our goals, and analyze and minimize possible risks, because we understand that what we need is not a victory at any cost; rather, what matters is the long-term result.
  • We are constantly improving

    This is about new opportunities for employees, clients and society.

    • We regularly analyze current indicators and develop measures to improve processes and structures using sophisticated technologies and approaches to doing business.
    • We maintain an open dialogue with partners and clients in our efforts to provide maximum assistance to the development of their business.
    • Our specialists are open to recommendations and suggestions for improvements in our work that will further improve cooperation with the company and make it more profitable.
    • The company invests in our professional development. To this end, AgroTerra Academy, the corporate university, provides a program for the assessment and training of employees in all positions.