We are working in a unique company. It may seem that AgroTerra is one of many start-up businesses, but there are a number of features that make us completely different from the others. Among them are investment volumes, technology, unprecedented growth (from zero stage the company has in four years equaled 2,000 staff).

One of our main properties is the people we are working with, people who are shaping the project, generating ideas, promote and develop the young business. 

We strive to build up long-term responsible partnership with our employees. Our business is developing, and together with it developing are our people.  


  • Our Mission and Values

    We have a strategy that considers multivariable nature of conducting business. We have mission which makes us come to work every day, which leads us and is truly interesting for us. Our mission is effective agribusiness, innovative technologies, and responsible approach.

    And we share values that are real for us, that are not just words copied from books – things in which we believe, team qualities that are essential: honesty and decency, being result-oriented, team work, drive to ongoing improvement in what we are doing.  

  • How we form our team 

    We not only rely on candidates’ technical qualification, it is also important for us that people who come to work with us share our key values. We strive to cooperate with energetic, enthusiastic, result-oriented people who seek development and who will join us in achieving the goals set by the general strategy. Our candidate should not necessarily be an expert, he or she can be a beginner – technical skills can be taught, but convictions are as they are, pin cannot be reinstalled.

  • How we work with motivation

    Our approach to remuneration is based on our general values. The common rule is performance-related payment. To achieve this, we rely on our team; once result is achieved, we start fine-tuning the process. In our company remuneration package consists of salary and performance-related bonus.

    We regularly analyze labor market and support adequate level of compensation in our company. Also, corporate privileges are available for the employees. 

  • How we develop people

    Our aim is supporting necessary level of employees’ qualification for providing effective business performance and development. For this, we regularly organize trainings targeted both at promoting specific skills and at general development, plus annual team building activities.